Take your guided mindfulness outside this spring!

Peepers are singing, buds are bursting, bluebirds nesting, and daffodils are blooming.  (At least here in southern Maine.)  It seems like every plant and animal around us is feeling the energy and shift of seasons.  I notice in myself a lot more ease in getting up in the mornings, surrounded by light and birdsong.  I also notice less interest in being still and indoors.  I’m ready for walks and exploration and noticing all the amazing shifts all around.  What about you?  If you are curious about taking your mindfulness practice outdoors, or cultivating a little bit of the energy shift I’m describing, check out my new Wildhearted Walking Audio Guided Reflection.  It’s a nature walk, guided mindfulness, and personal reflection all in one.  (If walking isn’t accessible to you at this time, there are options to remain indoors and/or seated.)

For more about the Wildhearted Walking series and why I put together this mix of guided mindfulness, check out my first blog post on this topic.  Please be in touch with any feedback and thoughts on how to improve the usefulness of this concept.  It’s an experiment in very early stages with plenty of room for growth and improvement!

This project would never happen without the generous support and skills of Resonant Photography.  Much thanks for their patience and guidance.

Enjoy your wildhearted walk into spring!