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Places, Scheduling, and Rates

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I do not accept insurance and require full payment at time of session.  I can give you a superbill for you to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. (see more info below)

  • 60 minute individual session: My rates are based on a sliding scale that has a significant range–acknowledging the significant differences in resources present in our society.  Please review this document– Sliding Scale –for more information on specific amounts and the reason for the sliding scale.
  • Sometimes, nature based work can benefit from more time than the standard hour. If you are interested in a longer session, we can talk about an extension. Fee will be the standard rate over time. If this is a financially and logistically viable option for you, clients have found the extended time allows them to go deeper in their healing and often to meet their goals sooner.  Longer sessions are never required.
  • Payment due at time of service. Cash, check, credit card, and HSA card all accepted.

Out of Network Reimbursement

If you have insurance, you may be able to receive full or partial reimbursement for our sessions.  I can provide a ‘superbill’ (basically, a receipt) at the end of every month, which you can submit to your insurance company.  If you plan to use this option, please contact your insurance company before we meet to get a full understanding of your specific policy’s procedures related to out of network reimbursement.  I do not work directly with insurance companies and every policy is different.  It is important for you to be fully informed about the following for your specific policy:

  • Are mental health benefits included and, if so, how many sessions per year are covered?
  • What percent of out of network mental health is covered?
  • Do you have an out of network deductible and, if so, how much have you met so far?
  • Do you have an out of network maximum?
  • How do you submit claims for reimbursement?

More on Superbills

A superbill is simply a type of receipt that includes very basic information: your name, diagnosis, type of service, cost, date and length of session, and my professional licensing information.  No specifics about treatment are included. 

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