Climate Grief

A place to feel the love and the pain you have for the world.

Ecological Grief/Anxiety

This world is profoundly broken. Humans broke it. We may have broken it so badly that human life will not be able to continue on this earth. If human life can continue, it is not likely to look at all like human life now…who knows what is ahead?!? Whether or not human life continues, we know that we have already lost countless species of plants, animals, and insects. Those lives have been lost, often, in incredibly painful ways with immense suffering. This is all real. It is terrifying. It is tragic. It is an actual threat to our very existence. When I let these truths fully into my mind and body, I can feel my heart breaking.
And yet…we mostly don’t talk about it. We talk about climate change and news items, sure. But we rarely acknowledge the incredible pain behind it, if we choose to even let it into our awareness. We are all suffering. Every being on our planet is suffering. We could be so connected and united around this pain. But instead, we suffer in silence, in isolation, in despair, or we avoid suffering completely. We distract ourselves with the zillions of ways our culture (and likely if you’re reading this, our privilege) provides for distraction. We get more and more disconnected, which causes even more pain, which we use distraction to avoid…and on and on and on.

The pain around climate change and our role in it is immense. But when we compound it by pretending it isn’t there, or knowing it’s there but not knowing who around us is willing and able to hold that pain with us, it’s almost unbearable.

So let’s get together. Let’s figure out how to bear it.

Let’s figure out how to feel the love for the world, love that is just as deep as the pain. Let’s figure out how to live while holding such profound pain and love, so that we can bring our whole selves to the current situation and be part of the healing. I’d be glad to work with you individually, if that feels right for you at this time. I’m also really excited about connecting people in this situation with each other, because I really think that pain and love this big needs a community to hold it. Consider joining a groups of people that shares your pain and wants to acknowledge it.

“The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.”

-Joanna Macy

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