Counseling Services in Freeport, ME

My professional services are born largely out of my own passions, struggles, and joys.

At the root of all my work is connection–between you and the natural world, between you and others who can understand where you’re at, between you and yourself, between you and me. True connection is the piece all too often missing in our busy world, and it helps cut through the murkiness of complex situations in such powerful ways. I work to facilitate meaningful connections in a variety of ways, from individual ecotherapy to group support.

See each category for more information on how I can help.

Adult Individual Therapy

One to one counseling with the option to ground our work together in healing relationship with nature.   Spend time in my indoor office with beautiful views of a tidal river, or on wooded and oceanside trails in Freeport. 

Explore your particular struggles in relationship with the woods, waters, and beings all around us. 

Discover a felt experience of truly knowing yourself in this world. Find confidence in the way you respond to struggle as well as how you live out your values and beliefs. Find a solid foundation that can be a constant companion and guide through a messy world.

Support Groups

Individual therapy is great, especially when you’re trying to figure out your own stuff that feels really personal. But other times our pain might be more universal. Working with a group that shares your struggle can be an incredibly powerful. Pain can be isolating, which can lead to even more pain. Sharing it with others who understand can help us feel connected and engaged. We also can learn so much from how others respond to similar experiences. A good support group is like having a team not just for the fun stuff like sports and trivia night, but for the really hard things when we really need help. Currently, I offer support groups around step-parenting support and climate grief.

Step-parent Support

If the phrase ‘step-parent support’ resonates with you, you’re in the right place. Stepfamily life can be so much more complicated than we imagined. You’ve got a whole bunch of different people, some of whom love each other and some who are strangers. All those people bring past stuff to the current situation (most likely, all were deeply impacted by the loss of a previous relationship, plus the adults all hold stuff from their own childhood). All those people are struggling to figure out who they are and where they fit in this new ‘family’..which may very well feel nothing at all like family. But there are ways to make it feel better for all. Really. Check out my individual, couple, and group support options for stepparents.

Ecological Grief/Anxiety

This one is so very heavy. I’m talking about folks paralyzed by not being able to find ways to live that are genuinely respectful and kind to the planet. Or folks who are choosing not to have children because of what feels like an uncertain and possibly dangerous future. Or current parents and grandparents living with despair over the choices of their generations. Or people of all ages deeply grieving the current and future loss of countless species and landscapes.

To be really clear–I think grief and anxiety are wholly appropriate responses to our current ecological situation. The paralysis, despair, fear, and grief I describe above is real and legitimate and anyone paying attention should feel those things to some degree. But I don’t want that to be all we feel. If that’s all we can feel, we’ll likely numb ourselves to survive, and that does not serve either us or the planet. I want us all to figure out how to feel all that and the incredible beauty, love, and grace that surrounds us and is part of us. I want us feel all the feelings so we can live an ethical, informed, and active life. I believe we need all of us to be living such a life, so we and the planet have a chance at a different future. I’d love to help you find your own way of living that life, either in individual ecotherapy or in a climate grief support circle.

What Is My Purpose?

What a confusing world we live in. For those of us with the privilege of choices, the choices in how we live and what we do are endless, particularly compared to previous generations. Which, in its own convoluted way, can be paralyzing, especially since so many of the choices can feel like the ‘least bad’ option. Or are false choices, as class, race, gender, sexuality, etc., very much influence all ‘choice’. In any case, it seems like the world tells us we ‘should’ be happy and fulfilled. But you’re not. Maybe all these choices seem empty. Maybe you feel empty.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I can’t tell you your purpose, but I can help you uncover your own values, confidence, and direction. With that clarity, your sense of purpose will flow through you and from you. You can have a meaningful, intentional, and engaged life.

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