What’s that you say?  Wildhearted Walking???

It’s a combination of mindfulness, self-reflection, and nature walk all rolled into one.  Take yourself outside (or use your imagination inside) and listen to 10-15 minutes of audio.  The first few minutes guide you through a brief grounding and then offer a poem for your reflection and observation  while you walk.  Mid-way through your walk, check in with the audio again for guidance on deepening your reflections.  At the end, you will hear suggestions for taking your experience back into your every day. Curious?  Here it is:

My plan is to create several of these, appropriate for different seasons, themes, weather, natural cycles, etc.  This project is in the very early stages and any feedback is most welcome.  (Especially feedback that helps me make these tracks more useful for you, don’t be shy!)

Why Wildhearted Walking?

Personally, I very much prefer mindfulness practice when I can be outdoors and/or in motion.  And I like to think and explore the world differently, but sometimes my brain get stuck on the same old tracks and I appreciate something outside my own head to help me explore.  I hope this audio helps you experience a new connection with your own wild heart, no matter how familiar the trail or the movement of your feet.

HUGE thanks to Resonant Photography for their patience, kindness, and skill recording and editing.  This is not a project I would have tackled with my own very limited technical skills!  (It took me 10 minutes to figure out how to get the Soundcloud link embedded in this post. 😉 ) Enough screen time, get outside and enjoy some wildhearted walking!