The beautiful outdoor spaces I work in were featured recently in a collection of therapists from around the world who work in healing relationship with nature.  Check out the many beautiful ‘offices’ and locations on the Taking Therapy Outdoors: Meet 14 Therapists Who Help Clients Heal in Nature site.

The images are gorgeous, but even more inspiring for me is noticing the strong similarities in how many of us approach and experience this work.  Although we are all licensed mental health therapists, we come from from multiple continents, disparate climates, and different cultures.  There is no universally accepted training body or certification institution for nature based counseling.  We all must have come to work this way from different paths of training and experience.  And yet, we share themes of reciprocity, connection, and trusting the healing power of the relationship between humans and nature.  We observe similar ways we and our clients respond to different landscapes, natural elements, and outdoor experiences.  The research base on clinical ecotherapy is slowly growing…and clearly the lived experience and knowing is out there!

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