Covid-19 Related Practice Considerations

Taking care of ourselves and each other

    • Telehealth will remain an option for anyone for any reason. 
    • If either of us are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19, or is recently exposed to anyone with Covid-19, we will reschedule or meet via telehealth.
    • We will meet only at places where we can ensure a minimum of 6 feet distance between each other AND a reasonable degree of privacy/confidentiality. 
    • In accordance with the governor’s universal mask order, we will wear masks when together in public spaces.
      • My indoor office is not an option at this time.
      • We can meet down by the water at my office, sitting either on rocks, your own camp chair, or easily cleaned chairs I will provide and sanitize between each use.  (We cannot meet here during high tide as there is no ground available!)
      • In terms of trails/preserves: Freeport is full of narrow, wooded trails so we are definitely more limited than before.  However, there are a few lovely sites that offer wide open space, some with shoreline access, some with woods alongside.  Within the open space is abundant opportunity for roaming and talking at a distance or finding a secluded spot to sit. 
      • Typically, I have a backpack full of stuff, to use myself and to share with you.  I will still carry a bunch of stuff, but unfortunately it is not advisable to share.  Please make sure to bring whatever you need with you to both be physically comfortable outdoors and to engage fully in session.  For example:
        • Water
        • Sunscreen/Hat
        • Bugspray
        • Extra layers
        • Garbage bag in case of resting on damp ground, and/or camp chair if you prefer to sit during session and don’t want to sit on the ground
        • Binoculars and/or magnifying lens 
        • Notebook/sketchbook and pen/art supplies
        • Hand sanitizer
        • Tissues/Toilet Paper
        • I’m realizing this looks like quite a packing list for an hour outdoors!  You likely don’t need all or even most of these items (except water-please bring water) but give each one consideration and make a decision based on your comfort level and needs.  Note that I carry a first aid kit, gloves, and my phone in the unlikely event of injury/emergency.


Taking care of access to public spaces

The abundance of publicly accessible land in our region is a tremendous gift and privilege that I know most of us feel even more strongly now.  It is important to recognize that In most cases, we will be adding 2 cars to a parking area and 2 people to a public space.  Although I am as confident as I can be that we will be heading to lightly visited places, I want to prepare us both that I may be wrong on any given day.  I will always have a backup location in mind in case our planned site has a full/almost full parking lot so that we are not contributing to any overcrowding that may force land stewards to limit/close access. 

Taking care of trails and the environment

Trails are intentionally designed to minimize the impact of constant foot traffic.  Repeated walking to the side of the trail, even just a couple feet, can negatively impact roots, organisms living in the soil, and all sorts of plant life.  We will follow Leave No Trace principles, and avoid any trails that aren’t built widely enough to genuinely accommodate 2 people walking 6’ apart.  (But I definitely encourage you to explore solo or with anyone you can walk closer to–there are so many stunning places around with very little foot traffic!) 

While these three considerations will always be a primary focus, the details of how they are enacted will likely evolve as time goes on.   Thanks in advance for your patience and flexibility as we all learn to navigate these circumstances.

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“Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.”

-Rachel Carson